Our Work

The Ella Baker Center works locally, statewide, and nationally to end mass incarceration and criminalization. We mobilize everyday people to build power and prosperity in our communities and together we:      

Reinvest in Communities:

Photo credit: Brooke Anderson

Change Policies:

  • Advocacy for legislation that abolishes abusive practices in prisons and jails, strengthens family connections, ends the economic burdens placed on people by mass incarceration, and reinvests in communities. 
  • Who Pays? The True Cost of Incarceration on Families: Identified how to restructure sentences, reinvest resources, remove barriers, and restore opportunities for families and communities with Forward Together, Research Action Design, and 20 organizations across the country.


Redefine Safety:

Photo credit: Brooke Anderson
  • Restore Oakland: Launch a nationally replicable hub with Restaurant Opportunities Centers-United, which will house a restaurant, worker training programs, a cooperative food-enterprise incubator, restorative justice programs, and other wrap-around services.
  • Night Out for Safety and Liberation: Change the conversation about public safety to focus on how we can build power, opportunity, and prosperity in our communities.

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